Mozambique’s diverse national parks and reserves offer a truly authentic safari experience, although the country cannot compare to its immediate neighbours as a wildlife-viewing destination.  

Gorongosa National Park, in the centre of the country, was once world-famous for its plentiful wildlife and in particular numerous lion prides.  Decimated by two long wars, poverty and neglect, the Park is now being reborn thanks to a helping hand from the Carr Foundation.  Heavy investment in restocking, staff training and community development is paying off as the Park begins to regain some of its former excellence. 

Accommodation is limited to the comfortable bungalows and campsite at Girassol Gorongosa Lodge & Safari at Chitengo, the Park headquarters, and “leave-no-traces” eco-safari operators Explore Gorongosa.

For those heading North, Taratibu Bush Camp - hidden at the base of three giant inselbergs (granite outcrops) - offers you a taste of the coastal forest mosaic of the Quirimbas National Park. Guided walks and inselberg climbs are the highlights.  Wildlife is elusive, but the birdlife is exceptional in the Park as a whole, with both East and Southern African species, and many migrants.  

The massive Niassa Reserve, which borders Tanzania, is watered by two large rivers, the Rovuma and the Lugenda.  Lugenda Wilderness Camp is a classic safari lodge, with a dramatic setting overlooking the river and accommodation in well-appointed luxury tents.  Guided bush walks and game drives reveal the true wilderness of Niassa.