Azura at Quilálea Private Island has one of the best dive sites right on its doorstep! Spectacular coral formations and plentiful marine life including dolphins, turtles (hatching in February), and seasonally migrating whales with their calves (July to December) make the diving and snorkelling unforgettable. The House Reef is simply teeming with life.  You can literally see it all here from Guitar Fish and Ribbon Eels to Turtles and Flatworms of every describable colour and design, not to mention the dozens of monstrous Lobsters who have made this wonderful reef their home.  It is a dive that everyone can do, day or night, you just walk right in. 

Other sites around the island can be reached quickly by motor boat; just around the corner is a very impressive dive site called the Canyon where the current attracts larger predatory fish.  The other side of the Canyon is close to the neighbouring island of Mefunvo and is also worth a visit.  The island of Sencar has an extremely colourful reef on the east side and is an excellent place to do a drift dive and if you are lucky, you might find yourself entertaining some curious dolphins that inhabit this area.  Salaama Banks, as the name suggests is a large area of hard and soft corals just on the outskirts of the channel.  The visibility here is often very good and there is plenty to keep divers occupied.