Whether you are learning to dive in sheltered coral gardens or testing your existing skills on enormous drop-offs with strong currents, from Guludo you will be diving on spectacular reefs that very few people have seen, in the Quirimbas National Park that shelters humpback whales and other cetaceans, turtles, huge game fish, and countless reef fish.  

Snorkelling & diving is very good at the small island of Rolas just north of Matemo.  Surrounding Rolas’ southern sandy peninsular and westward rocky out crops are shallow coral gardens with beautiful sting rays, abundant reef fish and curious turtles. Rolas is perfect for beginners as well for photography and macro fauna.

Ibo Island has one of the prettiest dives in the area and should not be missed.  The Ibo lighthouse is actually situated on a separate island on the north east point and it is here that you will come across schools of Snapper, Kingfish, Napolean Wrasse, and perhaps one of the resident reef sharks.  Moray Eels and Mantis Shrimp can be found along the small wall (8m to 16m), which is covered in a rainbow of soft corals.  Visibility is best on a high tide at this site. Resting in just a few metres of water an old steam ship lies on the shoals between the islands of Ibo and Matemo.  The hull is very broken up but it is easy to navigate along the ships length and see the ribs and other sub-structures.