Medjumbe Island has something to suit everybody from the most experienced dive veteran to those of you who are sufficiently intrigued to take the plunge for the very first time.  To the northwest of the resort is Sambi Sambi, a locally named reef which reaches from 90m below to within a few feet of the surface.  Encrusted with a wide variety of hard coral structures this very large reef can supply divers with many days worth of exploration; the shallower areas provide countless reef fish with protection and are also enjoyable if you are snorkelling while the drop off is a scene of sizeable lettuce leaf corals and giant gorgonians.  Tuna and other game fish hang off the sloping wall and Napolean Wrasse may accompany you along the edge.  A fringing reef surrounds Medjumbe on the south and east sides and stretches for almost 200 m from Joe's Ridge to Kobus' Korner.  From where the reef breaks the surface at low tide to 18m below this site is jam-packed with hard corals and soft corals of every imaginable form and hue.  Although larger snapper and sweetlips patrol this area, the dive is really all about the small and the subtle. 

If you have a keen eye, Nudibranchs, Flatworms, Crocodilefish, Pipefish and Paperfish can all be found here and it is fantastic for macro photography and snorkelling.  Should you have a few dives already under your belt, then make sure that you make at least one dive at the Wall.  Plunging down from only 14m to well beyond the realms of recreational diving at 800m, this is not for the faint hearted!  This dramatic drop is interspersed with coral filled ledges which provide a resting point for schools of sweetlips and solitary groupers and turtles.  The wall itself is adorned with scores of giant gorgonian sea fans and sea whips and is also home to a giant grouper named Cliff, who is sometimes inquisitive enough to make a close inspection of his visitors!  It's dramatic, it's impressive, and it just has to be done...