The perfect position of Nuarro Lodge, located in the middle of the half-moon bay of Nanatha (part of Memba Bay), north of Nacala, allows beautiful diving and snorkeling directly from the beach.

For snorkeling, dive courses and beginner divers the wide house-reef permits at least 4 different spots. Healthy corals on a shallow sandy bottom fulfilled with juvenile fish life, nudibranches, crustaceans, molluscs; perfect also for photograpers. For more experienced divers going a little further out we encounter the wall that starts close to Memba and goes on all around Baixo do Pinda for several kilometers. The wall breaks in front of the lodge with 5 pinnacles starting from a sandy bottom at around 30m depth and that rise till 15m depth. A fantastic dive site with hoverhangs and swimthroughs where you can see from little cleaner shrimps to big blue fin trevalleys, potato basses, turtles and much more. All along the wall hundreds of dive sites, the most part of them not yet discovered. Huge gorgonian fans, hard and soft corals, lobsters, turtles and a big variety of fish life. Some of the dive sites are easily reached from the shore. For the farest ones there is a comfortable boat.

The best time of the year to dive at Nuarro is from April to October when the wind blows from south. From November till March the wind blows from north, where Nuarro is looking, and starts the rainy season so not always the conditions are good enough to allow safe diving and snorkeling either from shore or by boat.