Scuba diving at Vamizi Island is reputedly second to none, with one of their magnificent dive sites - their very own ‘Neptune’s Arm’, listed as one of the top ten scuba sites on the planet.  Working together with the WWF, Vamizi undertakes to implement an effective Conservation Action Plan to maintain the quality of marine life on and around Vamizi and neighbouring islands, thus increasing the likelihood of keeping Vamizi’s superb dive sites in pristine, world-class condition and the marine life population thriving.  

There are sites that suit beginners and advanced divers alike with a plethora of marine life to wonder at and with enough variety to astonish and astound divers for several days.   You will find amongst others: yellow-fin tuna and other big game fish – barracuda, marlin, grey reef sharks, hammerhead sharks, turtles and giant groupers; as well as beautiful untouched coral gardens so full of smaller fish, you may find it difficult to spot the corals.  There are sites close to the island suitable for the avid snorkeler as well.  Humpback whales and their calves grace the area with their presence between June and October – a magical sight to behold.  If you are an underwater enthusiast, Vamizi can offer something really special for everyone.