Gorongosa, in the heart of central Mozambique was gazetted as a National Park by the Portuguese Government in 1960.  This ecologically unique park encompasses almost 4000km² and is located at the southernmost end of the Great African Rift Valley.  The park used to be host to one of the greatest populations of wildlife in all of Africa, but due to hungry soldiers and poaching, the population of some of the species fell by almost 95%.  Gorongosa still boasts a great diversity of plants and animal species, some of which are unique to the area, and together with an impressive co-management plan with the Carr Foundation to re-establish dwindled population numbers of various species, the National Park is a real success story in terms of rehabilitation and conservation.  Species include impala, waterbuck, elephant, warthog, hippos, kudu, lion, zebra, buffalo, wildebeest, crocodile and more recently, leopard, as well as over 400 different species of bird. 

The Park is open to visitors and currently there is only 1 place to stay – what used the be called Chitengo Camp, now managed by the Girassol group.  Both operators offer safari experiences with fabulous opportunities to explore this incredible region either by car or on foot.  Climbing 1863m Mount Gorongosa is a favourite amongst the more adventurous.  Mount Gorongosa has rainforests, montane grasslands, riverine forests along its rivers, and forests and savanna woodlands at lower elevations. Both plateaus are covered with a kind of closed-canopy savanna, widespread in southern Africa, called “miombo,” after the Swahili word for the dominant tree, a member of the Brachystegia genus. About 20% of the valley’s grasslands are flooded much of the year.

Due to heavy rainfalls the park becomes inaccessible during certain months of the year. The safari season is generally between April and mid December. The National Park gates open at 06h00 and close at 18h00. 

    •    Safari by vehicle
    •    Hiking
    •    Bird watching
    •    Mountain Climbing
    •    Visiting local village

Gorongosa National Park is located in central Mozambique in the province of Sofala, 200km north of Beira. 

There are daily domestic flights with LAM from Maputo and regular flights from Nampula and Pemba to Beira.

SA Airlink and LAM offers direct flights several times per week from OR Tambo, Johannesburg International Airport, to Beira International Airport (BEW).

From Beira to the park takes 3 hours by road and use of a 4x4 vehicle is advisable.  Park gate is open from 6am to 6pm only.

Road or air charters from Beira to the park can be arranged.