Mozambique’s vibrant capital, Maputo, has a lot to offer to those willing to spend a few days exploring it.  Think good food, lively nights and unusual architecture.

Famously labelled “the land of good people” by Vasco de Gama in the late 15th century, Inhambane is a small coastal town that retains much of its colonial-era charm, as well as a tangible sense that it has a long and colourful history of commerce, conquest and slavery.

Ilha de Moçambique, the island that named the country, is an irresistible mix of ancient historical monuments, beautiful colonial architecture and rich cultural diversity.  Easy and enjoyable to explore on foot, Ilha is one of the most interesting destinations in the country.

Ibo Island is beginning to get a reputation as a must-see in Northern Mozambique.  Let yourself be tempted by abandoned, fig-strangled villas, sailing dhows, forts, mosques, old churches, a blend of Afro-Swahili and Portuguese influences that rarely fails to please.