Virtually unknown to the outside world and undisturbed for centuries, this is a place where time has stood still. Beautiful, remote and untouched by commercial developments, Ibo Island is one of the most intriguing, idyllic and romantic islands you could dream of visiting. 

For 500 years Ibo Island was a prosperous trading post occupying a key position on the coast of East Africa. Three forts, a beautiful old catholic church and numerous ancient trading buildings stand guard over the sea. Pirates, ivory, intrigue and the never to be forgotten slave trade are a part of this coral island's history. Boundless secrets, fascinating history and rich culture are still contained amongst the marvellous ruins, which date back to the early 1500s. The people of Ibo are friendly and welcoming and lead fabulously simple and rich lives.  Generations of fishermen who know the challenging tides and channels around the Archipelago like the back of their hands have plenty of stories to tell, and the intricate craft of the silversmiths will show you that the people of Ibo pass on their talents from father to son.

Ibo Island is a must if you are visiting the Quirimbas Archipelago.  Take a guided tour and get absorbed in the unique atmosphere of magical Ibo, wander around the crumbling 'movie-set' buildings in the town, get lost in the brutal yet compelling history of the slave trade, and appreciate the sheer beauty and tranquillity of the island. Although Ibo is not a beach-lover’s paradise, it serves as an ideal launching pad for day trips by dhow or motor boat to discover beautiful beaches, hidden coves and tropical islands.  Being located in a vast mangrove forest, it is also home to some rare breeds of bird, and it is well worth taking a kayak out to explore this dense jungle to appreciate being at one with nature.  Excellent diving & snorkelling spots abound and you will see a wealth of sea-life.  Alternatively, arrange an island hopping safari by dhow and spend a few nights on an exploration adventure.

Ibo Island is whithin the Quirimbas National Park and a once-off fee of approximately $8 per person will be charged by your hotel.

    •    Guided tour of historic Ibo Island
    •    Kayaking through the mangroves
    •    Scuba diving & Snorkeling
    •    Mobile dhow safari
    •    Boat trip to sandbank or neighbouring islands
    •    Walk to Quirimba Island at low tide (during spring tide)


Ibo Island is approximately 50 nautical miles north of Pemba and can be accessed by air or road from Pemba (slightly over 200km).  

Kaskazini can arrange air transfers from Pemba, a scenic 30 minute flight over the Quirimba islands, which is by far the fastest and most convenient option to Ibo.

  Please contact us for rates.

The other alternative is a rather long and bumpy drive to Tandanhangue, close to Quissanga, from where you can catch a boat.  Remember the boats can only cross on the high tide.

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