Located in the far north of Mozambique, the Niassa (Nyasa) Reserve is home to large populations of game animals, in particular huge herds of elephants and plenty of big cats. The reserve also boasts a population of African wild dog of over 350, significant for an endangered mammal.

The reserve is around 42,000 square kilometres - twice the size of the Kruger National Park, and is Mozambique's largest protected area.  Its northern border is the Rovuma river, the border with Tanzania, and the southern / eastern border is the Lugenda River.

The Niassa reserve is one of the largest miombo woodland preserves in the world, with miombo forest covering half of the reserve. The remainder is mostly open savannah, with some wetlands and isolated patches of forest. Also home to the Mecula Mountain at the center of the park and majestic inselbergs as far as the eye can see.  It is a long drive from Pemba, and a difficult road in the dry months between April to December - in the rainy season, access is impossible.

Sadly there are currently no photographic safari camps operating within the reserve.

    •    Game viewing
    •    Game trekking
    •    Hiking
    •    Canoeing
    •    Bird watching
    •    Cllimbing inselbergs

Niassa Reserve is located in the most northernly province of Niassa, bordering on Tanzania.

Currently the only photographic camp is Lugenda Wilderness Camp where they have their own airstrip and most guests arrive by light aircraft.

For those travelling by car, the reserve can also be accessed by road from Lichinga or Pemba via Marrupa.  This road is only passable  in the very dry season.  Best to contact us to check the condition of the road before embarking on this journey.