Pemba offers scuba diving at all levels, from introductory dives for those with no experience to wall and drift diving for more advanced divers. Currently diving is available only with CI Divers on Wimbe and Arti Lodge on the other side of Pemba bay, at Londo. Pieter from CI Divers also offers PADI courses.

Apart from sensational corals and plentiful tropical fish, the Pemba area is home to several species of turtle, bottlenose dolphins, and seasonally migrating humpback whales. Approximately 900 species of fish have been identified, including threatened pipefish and different seahorses.  The coastline around Pemba boasts the largest diversity of different soft and hard coral with the largest giant fan coral in Africa.

Snorkelling sites abound both off the main beaches and across the bay at Ponto Saide Ali. Corals often lie in shallow water and visibility can be outstanding, offering almost a dive experience from the surface. Water temperatures are always comfortable between 24 Celsius in winter and 27 degrees Celsius during the rest of the year.