The Quirimbas archipelago is a vast area of unspoiled tropical islands, reefs and shoals some of which rise from depths of over 800m to within mere inches of the surface. Nearly all of the dive operators in this area are located on one of the many islands in the archipelago. Tropical island retreats are often beyond the average travelers’ budget, the allure of remote and unspoiled reefs attracts many divers both for recreation and also for the scientific study of some of the most pristine reefs on the east African coast. Dramatic wall dives, vivid coral gardens and sea mounts and mangrove muck dives are all available in the region. Warm waters that seldom dip below the 24 Celsius mark in the winter months mean that diving is enjoyable all year round and the magnitude of life to be found here is impressive, no matter where you may have been before.

As more Quirimba islands become available to the traveller and the diver, the future will find more pristine and as yet unknown dive sites, but for now there’s more than enough to be getting on with!

If you have your own equipment, be aware that there are luggage limitations on the small aircraft which do the island transfers from Pemba. All the operators have complete sets of gear available for their guests, and will normally request proof of certification before allowing you to dive, so DON’T FORGET YOUR CARD!