The Quirimbas National Park encloses 7,500 km² of coastal forest, woodland and marine habitat.  Inland areas are notable for the rare miombo woodland which is home to small but important populations of wildlife.  Animals are often difficult to view, but the landscapes, particularly the giant granite inselbergs in the West of the park, are exceptional.  Bird life is also fantastic and very varied, as the park lies in a cross-over zone between East and Southern Africa, as well as being in the middle of the pale-arctic migration route.  Miombo endemics, coastal rarities and numerous forest species are the main attractions. 

Probably the most attractive part of the park is its generally undeveloped coastline and the dozen or so Quirimbas Islands which fall within its protected boundary.  These islands are famous for their natural beauty, with powdery white sandy beaches and clear warm waters, as well as a rich and turbulent history that has left evocative ruins on unique Ibo Island and its neighbours.

Tourist accommodation tends to be small-scale and unobtrusive, and includes lodges such as the exclusive and luxurious Azura at Quilálea Private Island, family friendly Matemo Island Resort (currently closed for renovations) and awardwinning eco-lodge Guludo Beach Lodge on the mainland. 

There is an entry fee to the Park which costs in the region of US$8 per person depending on the exchange rate, as well as different rates for vehicles and boats, so please check beforehand.  The entry fee is payable once only on entry, so keep your receipt with you at all times to avoid paying repeatedly! This fee goes towards conservation and sustainable development within the Park.

    •    Scuba diving
    •    Snorkelling
    •    Kayaking
    •    Sailing
    •    Bird watching
    •    Hiking
    •    Visit historical Ibo Island

The Quirimbas National Park is located in the province of Cabo Delgado, stretching to the west and north of Pemba.

On the mainland the park is accessible by road but a 4x4 vehicle is required to reach remote areas.  The island resorts can only be reached by light aircraft with the exception of Ibo Island that can also be accessed by boat from the mainland at Tandanhangue, close to Quissanga.

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