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Increase your chances of winning at bingo

Even though bingo is said to be a game of chance, there are a few tricks to increase the winnings. Especially since it is a game that is based in some ways on the laws of probability. Here are the tricks that pay off in the bingo game.

Known tricks

There are two methods most often encountered. Therefore, there are two types of players. First, there is the player who collects as many cards as possible. This makes you think that this is the best method to adopt. However, there is a second type of player who proves that you can bet on numbers as well as cards. This is the case of passionate and experienced players who use probability calculations to choose their few cards.

However, the two methods agree on two points. In both cases, it is strongly advised to play at so-called low traffic times. That said, play when there are fewer players participating. This can increase the chance of winning. This applies to both live and online games.

It is also important to keep a close eye on the bonuses offered by the casino. Indeed, casinos offer many bonuses and quite frequently. It is therefore a good idea to keep a sort of watch to avoid missing out on an opportunity. For virtual casinos, bookmark the site and check the setting on a regular basis. Finally, you need to be well concentrated.

Granville and Tippett’s theories

Both math whizzes, these big names in bingo are passionate about how to increase your chances of winning. Likewise, for both of them, choosing the cards is an important step that must be done with care. Granville is a French mathematician while Tippett is a UK statistician. Both theories are mostly applicable to 75-ball bingo.

For Granville, it is a question of looking for as much homogeneity as possible with the cardboard. That said, choose a cardboard that has the same amount of odd and even numbers. Likewise, you must have the same quantity of high and low numbers. Finally, all units must be represented in a proportional way. In practice, choose a cardboard with 7 odd numbers and 8 even numbers with all 10 units represented.

As for Tippett, it is rather based on the number 38 which is the median. To do this, when playing a rather long game, choose a cardboard with numbers that are close to the number 38, which is the median. On the contrary, when playing a shorter game, opt for a cardboard with more numbers that are close to 1 and 75.

Online Bingo

In the case of online bingo, the advice of live bingo is also valid, but add to that the right choice of site to play on. Similarly, there are sites that offer interesting bonuses that increase the chance of winning. To do this, bookmark the site so that you can keep a certain amount of time and be on the lookout for opportunities.

While playing live is fun and more festive, playing online also has many advantages. In particular the possibility of playing in free mode so that you can practice and check the laws of probability mentioned. Also, there are several possible variations. Finally, the winning system is less strict for online bingo.